About Ercil

Lopi the Icelandic Sheep belongs to Ercil, but he lives on a Ranch in Lompoc with other nice Icelandic sheep and a Mohair goat named Curly.

Lopi the Icelandic Sheep belongs to Ercil, but he lives on a Ranch in Lompoc with other nice Icelandic sheep and a Mohair goat named Curly.

 A little bit about me:

I know I am not alone when I say I live life struggling to address emergent creativity amidst the constant demands of everyday requirements.  Like most people I want to be more than who and what I am and I want to share and express myself through art.  I want to leave the world a better place than when I got here.  We all have work to do in this world.

If you are interested here is the link to my older blog of several years with MUCH fiber experience and associated fun things.  Enjoy!  http://mixed-upmelange.blogspot.com/

I am a person who loves all aspects of fiber.  This has led me down many roads.  I spin, weave, and dye.  Of these there are many aspects to each simple word, because each of these leads from the simple to complex and back to simple again.  I spin with spindles – suspended (drop), supported, spindles of different cultures.  I weave on a table loom, a floor loom, Inkle looms (Card and pickup), Navajo Tapestry, Warp Weighted Loom, and I begin to learn Andean Backstrap.  I dye with many natural dyes and synthetics using multiple techniques.   I delve into the beginnings of history, fiber from sheep to shawl or silkworm to reeled silk… seeds to spun flax and other things.  Simple words representing so much.

I am a teacher as well as an artist.  I have a BA and an MS.Ed.   I have taught in schools as a classroom teacher.  I have taught in Gifted and Talented program and worked with Children with special needs.  I teach many types of workshops for adults and children usually having to do with the Fiber Arts these days.  I have taught and spoken at Guild meetings, Fiber Retreats, University Classes, and conferences such as Convergence. I am a published author with articles appearing in Spin-Off magazine, Tournaments Illuminated, and the Compleat Anachronist.   Hands-On learning … Learning by doing (Piaget) is my greatest focus.  Learning gives us energy and moves us forward.

I have always loved the flow of medium.  My other mediums are photography and sculpture. I used to do all my own b&w work and worked in a number of formats.  I have sculpted in stone, clay, glass… it is all alive and flowing. I also love the flowing liquid of hot glass lampwork.  In some ways it is all a form of painting just using various medium for inspiration and effect.  I continue to explore.

Fiber and textiles more than many arts gives to me in ways I cannot express. It informs who I am and moves me in directions I don’t expect.



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