Spin-Off 2014 Summer Issue

SpinOff Cover 2014 Ercil


I am so happy and absolutely thrilled to announce that one of my photos was selected to be the Cover of the Spin-Off 2014 Summer Issue!!!!   I had not heard, but a friend got her issue before me and let me know!   Inside starting on page 52 is ‘A Journey to the Tinkuy:  You’re Not Leaving Without Spinning’, my fourth article with Spin-Off!  This article is particularly important because it chronicles the momentous and unique, Tinkuy de Tejedores (Gathering of Weavers).   Run by The Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco, the Tinkuy Conference featured weavers from all over the globe.  I felt privileged to be part of something so historically significant.  This is the second Tinkuy over a span of 4 years.  It is hoped the next one will be in Mexico, but it takes a great deal of time to put something like this together.

Textile artists are made of hard work, caring and love for what they do.  It is a shared link, a shared bond.  Sharing was so much a part of what all of us experienced and chief part of the goals of the Tinkuy.. bringing weavers, spinners, textile artists together along a common thread.




This bottle fed little fellow just a week old was waiting for us in the courtyard of the hotel around the corner from the Tinkuy.  I just dropped all my bags, my purse, even my camera for a few moments with this sweet little fibery lamb.

There are moments in life and events that bring intangible life altering moments.  My  heart is in the Sacred Valley in the Andes so rich in people, textiles, history, and tradition (and did I mention… Cochineal????) well, that and other fabulous natural dyes… More later!






2 responses to “Spin-Off 2014 Summer Issue

  1. Congratulations! That is wonderful news. And I always love hearing more about your trip. Would love to see the article if you get a chance to bring it to the park one of these weeks!

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