Griffin Dyeworks – 10th Annual Fiber Retreat!

Griffin Dyeworks Retreat June 2013 058


The Griffin Dyeworks Annual retreats are about fiber friends coming together as a community to share, to laugh, to create over a packed, but incredibly fun weekend.  This year join us in Lake Arrowhead, CA (Southern CA) for the 10th Annual Griffin Dyeworks Retreat!

This is the Spinning/Weaving/Knitting (and other) circle… where in our hang out time we spin, visit, and bond over fiber!   In the front are two fabulous Great Wheels… One is an authentic Civil War era wheel and the other is a Great Wheel made by Laurie (standing with it) made from bicycle parts!   Stunning enough for a museum.. Laurie built it, uses it to spin with, and brings it to the retreat.

June 13-15 will be the 10th anniversary of the Griffin Dyeworks Fiber Retreat.  To mark the occasion all class fees are being paid by Griffin Dyeworks!!!!  It has been a fabulous ten years.  During that time I think I have missed maybe only one – possibly two retreats.   Since I first came I have been teaching for a number of years now… 5 perhaps?  The comraderie, the amazing dyepots, and all the tremendous classes have been something I look forward to every summer!

This year Griffin Dyeworks has a new and very comfortable site… Individual cabins with private baths, wifi, comfy beds and an enormous lodge open all day and all night (depending on the time you like to work or visit) with a gourmet chef making the 10th anniversary retreat a very very fun time for all.  There are many classes scheduled for spinners, weavers, knitters, even quilters and more!   I am very happy to be teaching several Natural Dye Classes and to be running the OPEN DYEPOTS sessions (always a big favorite!).

Despite the official close of registration … There are still a few places open.  Contact Griffin Dyeworks

Here are just a few photos for fun of past retreats!

Griffin Dyeworks Retreat June 2013 060Card Weaving, Inkle Weaving (pick up)

Griffin Dyeworks Retreat June 2013 061More wonderous weaving!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALots of spinning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Graduated-Variegated dyeing and spinning

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Dyepots – Orange Gold Yellow!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Mostly Cochineal exhaust baths… LOTS of fun!


Griffin Dyeworks Retreat June 2013 120 Homespun – Naturally Dyed — Lots of fun!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASome in progress color blending on a hackle


Griffin Dyeworks Retreat June 2013 062Triangle Loom – Shawl weaving




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Examining the amazing work of Barbara Teller Ornelas and Linda Teller Pete, Guest Teachers from the Navajo Nation.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Time for a little more spinning!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Thats All Folks!!!! ((But don’t forget to wear your gloves and contact Griffin Dyeworks if you’d like to come or daytrip! ))



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