Exciting News about Two of my photos …


(Undyed Unplied Skein, Osage Orange dyed Yellow, Madder Dyed burnt Orange.. Plied Madder and Osage Orange yarns.) ((All handspun, plied, and naturally dyed by Ercil Howard-Wroth)) Photos copyright to me November 2013.

So just a brief exciting note here to let folks know that the both of my photos in this post featuring my handspun and my naturally dyed yarns will be appearing in cropped versions in the book: ‘A Garden to Dye For’, which will be released next week.  I am very pleased at their prominent full page position in the book on pages 50 and 112.  They were great fun to create and it does bring joy to see them in actual print! 🙂

The one below is a personal favorite since it features the sweetest little bug that so kindly obliged me and went exploring on my yarn during my little photoshoot in the backyard.  I adore this little guy.



2 responses to “Exciting News about Two of my photos …

  1. I like the plied madder and Osage orange. This would be a nice color class to teach somewhere, such as a Griffin Dyeworks Fiber Frolic or Fiber Retreat. I’m just sayin’….

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